Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement with School

If your child has just started Key Stage 1 Maths, English and Science you may find it difficult to know how to get involved with their studies. Often parents can be out of touch with the modern National Curriculum and therefore feel a little out of depth with what their child is learning on a day to day basis. It is extremely important parents are part of this initial stage of learning as the way their child approaches school and learning now will affect how they deal with more in depth education later on in secondary school. If you struggle to understand a particular subject your child is learning or don't understand why they are learning it you must not show those feelings to the child and instead investigate the subject with them so you are both learning together.

Here are some tips relating to parental involvement with school;

Get to know the teacher

Although most parents will find they chat to the teacher in the morning and at the end of school, it can be difficult to really feel like you know what is going on at times, especially in schools where classes are larger than average.
You should feel confident asking the teacher questions and gaining the answers you need. Your teacher will be well trained in this process and should actively encourage your interaction.

Listen to your child

Listen to your child when they tell you about school activities so that you can stay involved with their education and monitor any problems that may arise. Listening to your child's concerns or positive stories is key to keeping up with their learning process. You should also encourage them to show you what they have brought home from school every day so that you are aware of everything they are being asked to do.

Try and support the school

Supporting the school is a great way to support your childs education. Often schools will ask for parent volunteers during fundraisers or concerts and that can be a great way for you to get to know the teaching staff and other parents.

Make homework time

You need to make sure you support the work your child is given by providing positive homework time every night. Supporting your child and actively encouraging early homework completion will enable them to approach more difficult homework tasks with more enthusiasm later on in secondary education.

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