First Day At School

Preparing for the first day at Primary School

If the time has come for your child to attend primary school you may feel a little overwhelmed with the different preparations you have to make to support this move. It can be much more daunting for the parents more so than the children and the key to success with this transition is keeping those emotions separate. You need to make sure you do not pass on any anxiety or negativity to your child about the fact they are going to be attending 'big school', instead you should keep positive discussions open about the first day and how exciting it is going to be.
Here are some useful preparation tips in relation to your childs first day at primary school;

Prepare yourself

Although no one can prepare you for the moment your child puts their first set of uniform on and waves goodbye as they go into primary school, you can prepare yourself somewhat for the process. Try and read up on the National Curriculum, reading what your child will learn in Key Stage 1 Maths, English and Science. By understanding what they are learning you can help support this process at home.

Practise a routine

Before the big day comes, practise the whole getting ready routine including allowance for traffic. Although it may usually take ten minutes in the car to get to school, that time will be exacerbated by rush hour and all the other mums and dads trying to take their children to school as well. You should also try and get your child up at the right time a few days before the first day of school so they get used to their getting ready routine.
Consider walking to the school if you can instead of driving as this will be healthier for you and your child and save you time stuck in traffic.

Let your child be involved

By speaking to your child about things like choosing a school coat and a lunch box you will allow them to be involved in the process of planning for their first school experience. Help them choose items of clothing that they like so that they feel confident in their new venture. You could also start to talk to them about healthy eating if they will be taking food to school, helping them learn how to make healthy food choices early on.

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