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As a parent it can be difficult navigating your way through the school system, you may find your child is approaching the age for school application and you are receiving lots of conflicting information from various sources. It can be extremely difficult selecting schools and understanding what is the best outcome for your child. On this website we hope to give you some useful information relating to schools and the application process involved in primary school.

Here are some useful tips relating to the process of moving from nursery to primary school;

Be Positive

Although your child will want to be told they are going to 'big school' as they enjoy feeling 'grown up' it is important you don't reinforce any anxiety by discussing how important it is all the time. You should continually explain how exciting it is and how positive it is to your child so that they are excited rather than apprehensive about the process.

Let them ask questions

You should try and answer as many questions as possible so that your child feels as involved with the process as they possibly can. Your child will more than likely ask you lots of questions relating to this transition and it is important you are as open as possible so your child can feel prepared. You should also encourage them to talk to you about their feelings at all stages so that you can monitor their emotional progress and support them where possible.

Encourage social activity

Encourage your child to be as social as possible at school to encourage positive behaviour and investigative and adventurous learning styles. You will want your child to engage in everything and everything the school has to offer and the more social your child is the more outgoing they are likely to be. This is also a great way for you to meet new people by making links with the parents of your childs new friends.

Embrace all school activities

Make sure you allow for 'listen time' every time your child comes home from school. Maybe make the walk home your 'listen time' so that you can hear all about your child's experiences at school and offer support where possible. You should also encourage a positive attitude towards homework early on and if the school isn't sending homework home initially, find out what the child is learning so you can suggest related activities at home. For example if a child is learning the alphabet at school you may want to engage in different literacy activities; you could point out letters while you're at home with them and focus chat on letters and words, supporting their school study.

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